Mona Lisa Touch: What is it and how can it help you?

Mona Lisa Touch: What is it and how can it help you?

Mona Lisa Touch

I’m excited to share something that could be life changing for women who experience painful intercourse due to menopause or decreased estrogen due to cancer therapies.


It’s called the Mona Lisa Touch. Mona Lisa Touch is an Italian-based laser device. It uses laser energy, a thin-dot laser applied to the vaginal tissue to stimulate collagen growth and improve the overall condition of the vagina. It helps to create healthier tissue in women.


For many of us, cancer therapies caused vaginal tissue to become thin, dry, and irritated. You often hear it referred to as vaginal atrophy. This also happens to women as they age and move through menopause.


Mona Lisa Touch is so exciting for many women who are aware that painful intercourse isn’t just painful intercourse alone, but it’s also a way women enter a cycle of sexual dysfunction. If intercourse is painful, it affects desire or libido, and can affects the ability to respond to sexual stimuli, affect the ability to be aroused, and affect the ability to have a satisfactory sexual experience emotionally or physically. For many, it impacts the quality of their partner relationships and as a result, their quality of life.


The Mona Lisa Touch treatment is unlike anything we’ve seen for menopausal symptoms. To date, we’ve had pills, creams, and moisturizers and even lubricants to address this issue of painful intercourse. For many, they don’t offer enough to lessen the pain with intercourse.


Thousands of women have been treated with the Mona Lisa touch laser since 2008, and now it’s FDA approved and available to gynecologists in the country. This could be a life changer. It’s not saving lives, but it could save your sex life. It’s safe, fast, and simple. It’s a non-surgical treatment, no anesthesia, no side effects and no downtime. They do suggest waiting 2-3 after the each treatment before having intercourse.


It’s just three five-minute treatments, spaced 6 weeks apart. It takes place in your gynecologist’s office. Ask your gynecologist if they currently have this treatment available or if they are planning to offer this service for their patients in the future. Or you can go to to the patient area, click on find a physician, select the vaginal health treatment, along with your zip code, and it will search for a physician in a 100 mile radius. Also you will find testimonials from women who have gone through this treatment. I am following a patient/former 2x breast cancer patient as she receives the treatment. She saw immediate, positive results with just one treatment.


The Mona Lisa Touch is not covered by insurance at this time. As more and more physicians offer this service I hope that changes. Until then, ask your physician for the three session package price, and also the price for each individual session if not purchased as a package. A three session treatment is recommended, along with an annual maintenance treatment just once a year.


I know we talk about a lot of strategies to help deal with painful intercourse. But now, I truly believe there is something you can do about it to achieve real results.


Are the strategies you’re using to achieve pleasurable, or even comfortable intercourse working for you? I’d love to hear your story or thoughts about this new Mona Lisa Touch treatment. And of course, your questions are always welcomed and encouraged.


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  • JulieAnn Heathcott M.D.

    27.10.2015 at 10:25 Reply

    The MonaLisa Touch is brilliant new technology that has been incredibly successful across the world and we have seen these same results in our clinical practice! As Ob/Gyn’s we are so excited that there is finally a solution that works and can not say enough good things about it in a short time period. Patients are brought to tears they are so happy again and that means more than anything to us.

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