Healthcare Provider Workshops

integrative cancer care

Let’s Normalize the Conversation

Cancer patients have been suffering in silence when it comes to sexual heath issues after treatment.  They are in need of expectations and guidance, but the topic of sexual health after cancer is often left undiscussed. The following 1-hour provider workshops are designed to help normalize the conversation between providers and patients regarding sexual health after cancer. All workshops can be customized to fit your specific needs. Contact me to discuss group sizes and focus areas. 

Sexual Health Side Effects: Patient Feedback

This workshop will help you as a provider understand what patients want you to know regarding sexual health side effects of cancer treatment. It will also provide you with the necessary tools and resources to address physical and emotional intimacy with patients after treatment.

Initiating the Conversation

The most difficult part of having a sexual health conversation is initiating it. There are simple strategies to help make your patients feel comfortable bringing forward their concerns. In this workshop, we’ll review the when, where, what, and who of talking about sexual health with your patients.

Bridging the Communication Gap

There are several reasons a communication gap exists between providers and patients when it comes to sexual health. This workshop will identify those reasons and offer solutions for each.

Sexual History and Distress Screening

Not everyone uses a distress tool when screening patients. These tools are generally used to assess financial distress, however, they can also be effective in identifying sexual distress. In this workshop, we will address the importance of sexual history taking, identify several distress tools and discuss how each tool can aid in uncovering sexual health concerns.


All provider workshops can be tailored to meet your specific group needs. Select workshops may be eligible for CEU credits. Contact for individual and contract rates.