What People Have To Say About Working With Erin And After Cancer

Erin is determined to ensure that sexual health concerns are addressed properly with every patient being treated for cancer. Her personal experience with cancer allows her to approach her work with deep empathy and understanding for what patients need most from their care team. Erin’s energy and passion for helping others is incredibly inspiring and it has been a pleasure to work with her.

Tessa Allred, Program Coordinator
Iowa Cancer Consortium


I want to thank you for your compassion and care that you give to everyone you come in contact with; you are an amazing person!! Your presentation was so wonderful and the group thought you were the best speaker I had ever had on this subject. I will need to have you come back again in the future if your schedule allows it!

Sue Buss, RN
Prostate Cancer Survivors Support Group
Waterloo, IA

Erin is an inspiration, always willing to openly share about her cancer experience and discuss difficult topics often avoided by both patients and providers. Her compassionate and nurturing nature allows for deep conversations that both comfort and educate those facing sexual health issues.

Melissa Wright, LMSW, OSW-C
Program Director
Gilda’s Club Quad Cities

Erin has been to our Prostate Support group many times and her presentation is always very helpful to our group. She has good insight into problems that males and females have with dealing in the treatments of cancer.

Carralee Sueppel, RN MSN Coordinator of The Breakfast Club “Prostate Cancer Support Group” at UIHC

Erin was wonderful to work with. We asked her to come speak to our Young Cancer Support group. It is a group of women that are around the ages of 35-55. The women in the group were very comforted by Erin’s warm approach. The fact that she too was a cancer survivor, gave her legitimacy in the topic she discussed. She answered questions thoroughly and openly. Address sensitive topics like sexuality after cancer, pain with intercourse, how to talk to your doctor. She followed up her visit with an article for our quarterly newsletter. We very much appreciated her driving up to visit with our group.

Gabbi DeWitt
Care for Yourself/Iowa Get Screened Program Coordinator
Black Hawk County Health Department

We asked Erin Sullivan Wagner to blog for us and share her story and insights into life after cancer. Erin’s style and approach is both thoughtful and intuitive, a natural outpouring of empathy and understanding for the cancer survivor. Throughout all of my transactions and conversations with Erin, she proved herself to be highly professional and full of integrity for the project, for our needs, and for the patient. Because of her impeccable character, we at Patient Power have chosen to maintain an ongoing relationship with Erin, and she has partnered with us to complete several patient-centric campaigns.

Sheryl McIntire, Community Outreach Manager
Patient Power, LLC

I am the Executive Director of Cops Against Cancer, here in Des Moines, Iowa. I have worked several times with Erin
and my professional experience working with her and her organization is simply two words – “A Blessing.” Erin’s straight
forward approach with patients makes the client feel at ease and allows for an opportunity for the client to open and share
their experiences and circumstances, and many of these are for the first time. Which is extremely critical for the client’s emotional, physical and spiritual healing of the client. Erin is always on our list when we host Cancer Retreats around the Iowa and her willingness and passion of placing the client first falls directly in line with our passion and mission.

Craig A. Phinney, Executive Director/Founder
Cops Against Cancer

As a nurse, I talk to many patients about the physical side effects they may experience from their cancer and the cancer treatment process, but what we as medical professionals fail to discuss are those “secret” side effects. The side effects we know are probably happening, but may be uncomfortable to talk about because we may not know exactly how to treat them or how to even start a discussion about them with the cancer survivor. I have heard Erin speak twice and both times I have been inpired to be a voice for my patients and speak up about those “secret” side effects. It helped me be more confident to say to my patients, “This may be an issue for you. It IS NORMAL, and although I do not have all of the answers, I have some resources!” I have used the website AfterCancer.co more than once when discussing sexual health with my patients and I include it in all of my Survivorship Care Plan documents. Thank you, Erin, for helping all people who struggle with some degree of sexual health after cancer treatment.

Jessica A. Williams, RN, BSN, OCN
Cancer Care Coordinator
Mercy Hospital – Iowa City, IA

Erin is an activist for patients regarding their sexual health after receiving the diagnosis of “cancer.” She has the heart of an educator and the compassion of a cancer survivor.

Vanessa Ross, MHA
Director, Continuing Medical Education
Des Moines University