Resources to normalize sexual health in a cancer care setting

Cancer survival rates are increasing every year, and so are the number of survivors left to face the sexual health side effects their cancer caused. We need to change that.

The After Cancer Story

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The After Cancer Story

After Cancer is a non-profit organization dedicated to the mission that all patients impacted by cancer will receive screening for sexual health side effects as part of their care. Started as a collaboration with oncology clinicians and experts in sexual health medicine, the organization now provides educational programs for healthcare professionals and care team members on addressing the issues of their patients.

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The All of Me Project

Through grants from the ICC After Cancer created the All of Me project training program. From diagnosis to survivorship, All of me aims to prioritize sexual health in oncology care and improve the quality of life for all those affected by cancer. All of Me implements a framework of normalizing the conversation, setting patient expectations, and referring patients timely. Our training programs are built on these three principles.

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The All of Me Project Cancer Providers
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Patient Support Resources

Let’s Inspire Change

Cancer patients have been suffering in silence when it comes to sexual health issues after treatment. They are in need of anticipatory guidance, but the topic of sexual health is seldom addressed. After Cancer offers a training course for Advanced Practice Providers to address and screen for sexual health side effects caused by cancer or its treatment. The 14.25-hour accredited course also provides a library of educational handouts for your patients to assist in navigating the challenges related to intimacy.

“Erin presented at our community cancer survivorship event and oncology nursing conference. Both presentations were engaging and meaningful. She provided her personal story, as well as education during both sessions. Her presentation to community members focused on normalizing patient experiences and assisting in conversations with the healthcare team. During her nursing presentation, she assisted staff in developing their own 30-second message to initiate sexual health conversations with patients. Erin was professional, well organized, and easy to work with. I would highly recommend her for both patient and healthcare professional education.”

Michelle Reichert, MSN, RN, CNL, OCN

William R. Bliss Cancer Center

“Erin opened my eyes to an important topic that many of us in the medical world leave out of our care for patients-sexual health. What she has done to be vulnerable in talking about her own sexual health situation, and then create a solution for healthcare professionals, and then expand it across the country is truly remarkable. She really is empowering us to do what we should have done all along.”

Richard L. Deming, MD, FACR, FACRO

MercyOne Richard Deming Cancer Center

“Erin Sullivan-Wagner is knowledgeable and passionate about educating both patients and healthcare professionals about sexual health and cancer. She is professional, motivated and a pleasure to work with. I’ve appreciated her work on educating oncology professionals about the importance of sexual health for our patients and our responsibility to help them navigate those sequela of treatment.”

Emily Hill, MD, Gynecologist and Oncologist

University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics