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Let’s Reconnect

As a cancer patient or caregiver, you may be faced with challenges as you return to intimacy after treatment. Your relationship roles have changed and you may be left with physical or emotional side effects. The following 3-part workshop will address the changes and challenges that can follow cancer treatment and provide solutions to help you reconnect and find intimacy again.

Finding Intimacy: The Changes and Challenges of Reconnecting After Cancer

3-Part Workshop for Survivors and Partners
$149/Individual $249/Couple

Session #1:

    • The Cancer Experience/How Cancer Changes Us
    • The Caregiver Journey
    • Physical Side Effects and Treatment
    • Feelings, Fears and Expectations
    • Emotional versus Physical Intimacy

Session #2:

    • Assertive Communication Skills
    • Understanding Various Communication Styles
    • Learning to Love Yourself
    • Sexual Scripts
    • “What I Wish You Knew” Exercise

Session #3:

    • Reconnecting/Rewriting Sexual Scripts
    • Sensate Focus
    • Individual Coaching Sessions

Coaching workshops will take place in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Des Moines over a 30 day period to produce the most powerful results. Each workshop session will last 2 hours. Cancer survivors are welcome to participate individually or with a partner. The above pricing includes all 3 sessions. Request information on how to register for upcoming workshops here.

*Provider rates for all patient workshops are available. Please contact me for contract options.